Sarongs & beach towels

Shawls & sarongs / sarong / beach towel

Sarongs are not only used to wrap around your hips!
A sarong is a big sheet / blanket which through a variety of wrapping-techniques, similar to a skirt, is wrapped around the body. In southasia and the south-pacific area the sarong is traditionally very common and is usually worn especially by men.
In the modern time the sarong is also often called Lavalava or Pareo. Also woman love sarongs as handy clothing or easy beach-sheet.
Colorful and typical motives and symbols decorate this fine cloths which can be used in many various ways. No matter if you want to use them as skirt, dress, beck sheet or as decorative wall hanging, our sarong blankets are available in many colors with different motives so that you will definitely find a matching piece.
Suitable to our sarongs we offer beautiful and elaborate indian jewelry made of filigree silver or decorated with semiprecious stones. We also have multicolored glass-jewelry and striking pieces made of wood or even bins. Also the typical bindis, the little dot painted or stuck to the forehead between the eyebrows is part or the traditional indian outfit and goes well with our sarongs. You can perfect your indian look with our other beautiful accessories like bags, wallets and scarfs.

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